SLM R9+ Performer

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Acerca de SLM R9+ Performer

With its extended lamp lifetime of typically 1250 hours, additional dust filters which reduce sensitivity to dust and other external contamination and continued compatibility with existing TLD lenses, the SLM R9+ offers a dynamic, reliable projector with a low total cost of ownership.

Specifically designed for use in demanding rental & staging environments, the SLM R9+ Performer projector combines state-of-the-art DLP™ technology from Texas Instruments with Barco’s expertise in electronics, optics and mechanical design, bringing to the market a projector which delivers exceptional image quality and video performance. Also the SLM R9+ features a modular structure which allows greater access to serviceable parts, an interlocking design for direct stacking and hanging as well as an integrated, no-fuss rigging system, offering you an efficient, reliable product able to fulfill a multitude of purposes.

SLM R9+ Performer

SLM R9+ Performer
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