HDR Tone Mapping

More and more movies and TV shows are delivered in HDR and not all displays are optimized to show HDR content. That means HDR content must be adapted to the display before viewing. In projectors and other displays with limited brightness, the adaption requires processing. As the content in movies already are edited for optimal viewing, the display adaption process is aimed to preserve the movie director’s intent to the extent possible.

Barco Residential is always true to the director’s intent as picture quality is in the driving seat in any of our projectors.


Barco is the only manufacturer in the world that offer true CinemaScope projectors for the residential market. Our CinemaScope technology have a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function.

It will analyze the incoming source and detect the aspect ratio which we call "Content Aspect Ratio" and automatically scale the image to fit the 2560x1080 or 5120x2160 resolution depending on model and of course change back to 16:9 (1920x1080/3840x2160 depending on model) if you have content in that format.

It will also change aspect ratio when a scope format movie has a menu’s outside the active picture frame. You can also switch manually between the different formats. It also allows for manually setting the aspect ratio you would like to use.

Why is ANSI Contrast so important?

The easiest way to explain why ANSI contrast is the better way to measure how good the contrast is for a projector, ANSI contrast refers to the difference between black and white when they coexist in the image. In other words very different from setting up a black image, measure, setting up a white image, measure and divide the result on white with the result on black. ANSI you are measuring black and white in the same image together.

Pixel Pitch

Our mission: To envelop film buffs with an exceptional film experience that truly honors the director’s vision. TruePix, Barco's new flagship indoor LED platform, sets a new standard for large video walls.

The solution brings content to life as intended and ensures predictable, truly seamless outcomes, by combining smart engineering and Infinipix® Gen2. Smooth and efficient operations for an unparalleled experience.

To further understand the differences between our product specifications, please also have a look at our pixel pitch guide.