Barco Certified Expert- TransForm N

This certification course students complements the knowledge acquired during the TransForm N Specialist course with full installation and configuration of components as well as many advanced topics

Descripción del curso

This classroom training is the last of a two part certification training on TransForm N 

The knowledge of a TransForm N Certified Specialist will be complemented with how to install, configure and troubleshoot all common TransForm N input, output and service nodes. After successful completion of the course, the Certified Expert will be able to take the lead in installing/upgrading a full TransForm N Control Room, and able to execute advanced troubleshooting steps.

Students will engage in considerable hands-on activities in order to practice their skills.

The course will be delivered based on the latest available version of Transform N.


Requisitos previos

  • TransForm N Specialist level certification
  • Good knowledge of LAN and TCP/IP
  • Good knowledge of Windows 7 Operating system
  • Good knowledge of video and computer graphics (resolutions, formats, protocols)
  • Field experience with TransForm N systems

Mercado objetivo

This training is intended for Barco service engineers and Barco Service Partners who need in-depth TransForm N knowledge and who are Certified as Barco specialist in TransForm N.

This training is NOT suitable for end-customers: As most projects are unique and combine multiple products and technologies, we recommend end-customers to make contact with their Barco sales, service representative or project manager to request a customized training better suited to answer the specific needs for their project. This way the training can be optimized in length and in content to cover only the components that are installed at the end-customer’s site and that are of relevance, as well as focus on how the system is used, and also accommodate for any special areas of interest or need.


At the end of the session the attendee will be able to:

  • Install and configure all TransForm N components
  • In-depth troubleshooting a TransForm N system and its components
  • Upgrade an existing TransForm N system to latest version






Welcome and introduction

  • Knowledge refresh quiz
  • Introduction to the training room
  • CMS Server installation
  • CMS Clients installation


Display controllers

(installation and configuration from scratch)

  • NDN installation/configuration
  • NSD-4X0 installation/configuration

Display controllers

  • ECU-200 installation/configuration
  • DirectShowFilter Suite
  • BarcoConfig tool
  • Multiplayer
  • Video templates


Video encoders and sources

(installation and configuration from scratch)

  • NGS-D320 encoder
  • EMS
  • Sources configuration in CMS

Advanced topics


  • Default behavior
  • Device and media management
  • VDS
  • Security and roles
  • System variables
  • Advanced layout design


Advanced topics

  • Inter NGP Synchronization
  • TFN and networking
  • TFN in an L3 network
  • Advanced TCP/IP API
  • Audio support

Troubleshooting and summary

  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Resources (Compatibility matrixes)
  •  “What to display where” exercise
  • Optional on-demand: AFO


  • Exam


  • Exam review
  • Q&A
  • Additional hands-on


* The agenda is subject to local changes. The training calendar will define the time when the class starts.


4 days



Idioma hablado

English, Spanish (only used at our LATAM training facilities)


Barco Certified Expert - TransForm N (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

Calendario de cursos

Fecha Ubicación Plazas libres
lunes, 13 de junio de 2022 TR DUL2 - Duluth, Georgia 4 Registrarse
lunes, 20 de junio de 2022 TR Berkeley University - Kortrijk, Belgium 8 Registrarse

Su programa de certificación y plan de formación personal

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