This training will introduce you to Nexxis, Barco’s video-over-IP platform for the integrated operating room.

Day 1

Nexxis Concepts and Architecture
Nexxis Components
Nexxis Installation Procedure
[Hands-on]: Demo

Day 2

The Nexxis Network
How to configure the switch
[Hands-on] Configure both Extreme and Barco Switch
NMS Installation & Upgrade
[Hands-on] Install NMS
MNA upgrade procedure
[Hands-on] upgrade MNA

Day 3

Nexxis Troubleshooting
Nexxis Service & Support
Written & Practical Exam 

Target Audience

Technical support people, Integrator installation staff, Digital OR consultants and architects, SW Development.



Completion of the Barco Certified Associate - Surgical Imaging Support online program is required prior to attending the specialist level class

Basic networking skills
Basic computer usage skills: program installation, Windows settings, IP@ configuration on PC, LAN settings

Laptop with wireless network access
Preferably a single laptop/PC per team with 64-bit Windows 7 or 10 on which the NMS can be installed.


    During this training you will learn:

    • how to identify and operate all Nexxis components correctly
    • to understand the capabilities of the Nexxis solution
    • how to draft Operating Room architectures for hospitals with Nexxis
    • how to install a Nexxis solution for single and multiple Operating Room setups
    • the networking concepts behind Nexxis
    • how to identify operational problems and do basic troubleshooting
    • who to contact for Nexxis Support

    This training will cover the theory of how to set up, configure and install Nexxis, and will involve various Hands-on exercises, to ensure you can put the theory into practice.

        Experto certificado por Barco

        After successful completion of the Assessment, the participant receives the “Barco Certified Technical Specialist - Surgical Imaging” certification (valid for 2 years after issuance)
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        Formato de formación: Formación en clase
        Duración: 3 days
        Precio: €/$ 1500 per seat (Partner Discounts apply). Price includes: syllabus, lunches, certification. Excludes: travel, taxi, hotels accommodation and dinner
        Idioma hablado: en

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