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Why meetings fail? Seven tips to get more productive meetings

On average we attend 10 meetings a week. That’s a full day per week spent in meeting rooms. But not all meeting time is used efficiently.  Actually, recent research from Barco and Circle research ...

18 dec '18 - 3 minutes lues

Is remote working the future?

07 dec '18 - 1 minutes lues

Five lessons we’ve learned about current meeting culture

Meetings are important. Companies can't function without the productive exchange of ideas, and collaboration remains integral to business success. Yet many people see meetings as distractions and ...

28 nov '18 - 3 minutes lues

Meet the Huddle space: small room, big benefits

Office buildings and designs have changed a lot over the past decades. We’re quite used to the large open floor plan spaces, natural light and plants, flexible and clean desks by now. To adapt even ...

18 oct '18 - 2 minutes lues

Find your Perfect Meeting

The perfect meeting infographic

What makes the ideal collaborative workspace? Not just the space where you meet, also the nature of your work, technology and the way you do business. 

Check out our infographic on how to make meetings better.

Five steps to the perfect meeting

What are the biggest frustrations for workers and why is it hard to get the most out of meetings?

Simply download your free copy of our report 'Five Steps to the Perfect Meeting' to turn meetings into a good use of everyone's time. 

More research 
into the meeting of the future

Workplace workspace workstyle workforce report

Get the insight to help develop a strategy for digital transformation in your enterprise.

Simply download your free copy of our guide on the current trends around workplace collaboration.

Meeting stress test infographic

9 in 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings. But what are numbers without a proper context? 

Download the infographic on our Meeting stress test.

Digital divide report

Millennials ask for more assistance than baby boomers when it comes to resolving IT problems at work. 

Read more in our Digital Divide report.

Presenting to win

Nine in ten office workers see a business impact from presenting well, but 81 percent still experience technology issues.

Find out in the press release on the Presenting to Win research.

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