AVerMedia et ClickShare Conference donnent un coup d'accélérateur à l'équité de réunion

Dans cette vidéo, découvrez le point de vue de Wenly Hsieh, Senior Marketing Specialist chez AVerMedia, sur l'équité de réunion et les technologies des espaces de réunion

For Wenly Hsieh, Senior Marketing Specialist at AVerMedia, meeting equity means creating an equal experience for all meeting participants. To achieve true employee engagement teams must be able to see and hear each other in the best circumstances. In collaboration all remote and in-room users should feel included and that's when AVerMedia comes in. Their technology takes care of high quality video and the best in audio. Let's create a space where everyone can collaborate.

Meet in a more natural and equal setting with AVerMedia and ClickShare Conference

The joint solution by Barco and AVerMedia creates a seamless, wirelessconferencing ecosystem for all kinds of small meeting rooms. With just a press of the Barco ClickShare Button or launching the ClickShare App, users can wirelessly connect to the video and audio from AVerMedia peripherals and share content with only one click in any video conference room. Users can bring their own device to meeting rooms and get set up in an instant, with no need for technical support. The solution is also compatible with nearly every popular conferencing platform.

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