Avec Laiatech et ClickShare Conference, tous les collaborateurs se sentent valorisés

Dans cette vidéo, découvrez le point de vue de Rosana Hernández, Directrice Marketing chez Laiatech, sur l'équité de réunion et les technologies des espaces de réunion.

To Rosana Hernández, Marketing Director at Laiatech, creating meeting equity means creating equal experiences for meeting participants across all workspaces, from meetings to training spaces, and across all platforms. It is a way to ensure that meetings are valuable and that everyone is meeting on equal terms. There are many ways to focus on equity, but the focus should always be on people. Professional video, professional audio and professional layouts from Laiatech can offer a distraction-free experience for all attendees.

Meet on equal terms with Laiatech and ClickShare Conference

Laia has a wide portfolio of production cameras, video conferencing cameras, microphones and speakers. They want to make high quality videoconferencing communications easy and accessible to everybody, mainly in educational centers of all types and sizes. Perfectly combined with ClickShare Conference, the agnostic, wireless conferencing system. Host a videoconference with the UC&C solution of your choice, wirelessly using the room camera, microphone and speaker so all participants, in-room or remote, can be seen and heard perfectly.

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