L'importance de l'équité de réunion avec VDO360 et ClickShare Conference

Dans cette vidéo, Pat Cassella, Vice-Président Channel Sales de VDO360, nous livre son point de vue sur l'équité de réunion et les technologies des espaces de réunion.

Pat Cassella, Vice President of Channel sales at VDO360, stresses the importance of meeting equity in a world where many of us are still working remotely. Getting a seat at the table of a hybrid meeting is not always easy. That's why it is important to always have the right device: camera, audio, speakers and microphone. As a camera manufacturer VDO360 has a camera solution for different types of rooms and  the home office. They truly are committed to delivering more meeting equity.

Getting a seat at the virtual table with VDO360 and ClickShare Conference

VDO360 designs affordable video collaboration cameras that leverage our Natural Vision technology to make you look your best at all times. Whether you’re looking for a quality USB webcam to work from home, a PTZ auto-tracking camera for user automation, or need the flexibility of an AI-driven auto-framing camera, VDO360 has you covered. Combined with ClickShare Conference, the user will experience a seamless unified communication experience while looking and sounding their best for the far-side audience. Instantly turning any room into a hybrid meeting room.

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