daytaOhio is headquartered at the newly constructed Krishan and Vicky Joshi Research Center on the campus of Wright State University. The organization supports a consortium of civilian and military organizations working to resolve the complexities of large-scale data management. Because daytaOhio’s success is largely dependent on accurate data management, daytaOhio partnered with Barco to implement the industry's most advanced virtual collaboration and visualization center of its kind in the Ohio Miami Valley.

Barco delivered a comprehensive system solution for daytaOhio, which includes the proprietary CADWall system powered by Barco’s XDS-1000 display management system and the I-Space immersive visual environment, driven by Barco Galaxy projectors, in the main visualization lab. Barco also supplied an iCon H600 projector and an iQ Pro R500 projector for presentation applications in the facility’s conference rooms. The entire solution is networked and administered from a central IT/AV location.

Bringing the latest technology to enhance education and analysis

The caliber of Barco’s systems solution is unmatched by any industry competitor. The XDS-1000 presents multiple data and video sources in multiple mono and stereo 3D windows on the large 1:1 scale CADWall display, while the four-channel, multisided I-Space surrounds the user with a continuous stream of 3D rear-projected imagery. Both the Barco CADWall and I-Space virtual reality systems serve as design and engineering tools for interaction with stereoscopic 3D models and are used for presentation purposes in many different technical and educational applications.

The main visualization room is networked to two satellite conference rooms equipped with Barco’s intelligent projection systems. One conference room is powered by an IQ Pro R500 projector with SXGA+ resolution, and the other room is powered by an iCon H600 with 1080p HD resolution. Both projection systems are equipped with on-board computer servers that run a Windows XP desktop interface, and can simultaneously process various external sources with multiwindowing flexibility. The network-centric capabilities of the Barco IQ Pro, iCon, and XDS-1000 enable users to share information between the meeting rooms and visualization lab over the facility’s local area network to enhance team-based collaboration. In addition, all of them are operated with mouse and keyboard, eliminating the need for special training.

Providing a great opportunity for local commerce
The advantages to Barco’s comprehensive solution are numerous. daytaOhio will enjoy increased productivity through a powerful system that processes and visualizes large and varied streams of data. Local companies will benefit from practical access to this cutting-edge technology at the Wright State campus.