Barco is elevating the caliber of ice projection shows at the Centre Bell with its HDX-W14 large venue projectors, creating a visually dynamic opening ceremony to entertain fans at the Montreal Canadiens’ home games. While the first ice projections began to appear nearly 10 years ago at major sports venues across North America, the Centre Bell in Montreal, Canada is now entertaining crowds with an enhanced video spectacular on the ice surface thanks to the recent addition of Barco’s HDX-W14 projectors.

AV technology integrator Solotech, working with Barco’s Canadian distributor, SC Media Technologies, configured a system using 12 double-stacked 14,000 lumens HD projectors, featuring more than 10 million pixels with double the brightness levels on the 200’ x 85’ surface, to create the sharpest, most colorful moving images ever seen on a giant sheet of ice. In addition to the giant video panorama created from six seamlessly edge-blended graphic zones, the show features special effects like image tracking on players as they enter the rink, 3D branding and graphic elements combined with dynamic motion lighting - all made possible by the Barco projectors’ extreme pixel density.

The Centre Bell is the most important sports, cultural and business venue in Montreal. Every year, the home of the Montreal Canadiens attracts more than 1 million spectators to their hockey games, while 650,000 people walk through the doors to watch over 120 shows.