F22 projectors selected due to their small form factor, ultra-precise lenses, high-resolution and stable imaging

"Projectiondesign has enabled us to combine our unique creative visions for an international audience."

Jens Nüßle, Theaterspinnerei

The latest dramatic theater production by theaterspinnerei “The Clothes of the Empress” uses projectiondesign F22 projectors to explore a postmodern interpretation of a classic fairytale. 

“The use of multimedia projection is the fundamental creative design tool for our productions and is a vital part to the actors’ performance,” explains Jens Nüßle at theaterspinnerei. “projecting various scenes gives the small panoramic stage an impressive depth. 

“We have used projectiondesign F22 projectors at the center of our productions for many years. They are the projector of choice due to their durability, reliability, small size and custom designed lenses. projectiondesign has enabled us to combine our unique creative visions for an international audiences.” 

The F22 projectors project various theatrical content on to a projectiondesign F22 projectors are installed on rigging above stage to project customized content on to the panoramic, circular-shaped and rotating theater screen.. The design of the stage ensures that each scene and location is completely transformed over the duration of the-90 minute show. This effect is aided by the use of white bricks as an additional projection surface, which are positioned for each scene on-stage. Projected images are managed and controlled through the geometric blending and warping capabilities of Pandora Coolux version 5.

“theaterspinnerei has created a brand new genre of theatric directing. Even the basic elements seems to change from water to wood, and then to stone. It’s a complete illusion for the senses of the audience and makes the act so interesting. There is no other technology that could represent the original fairytale as well what we have achieved.”

“With the beautiful narrow lenses of projectiondesign, the stage is so realistic and the colors are so deep,” adds Jens Nüßle.

The theater is housed in a refurbished former railway station at Nürtingen near Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. Each evening the theatre is packed with an audience of over 70 people.