RLM-W8 projectors: a perfect fit to meet the high standards of the four-star Hilton Reykjavik

Elegance and four-star comfort are key at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica - Hilton’s first and only hotel in Iceland. Besides a wide range of large and spacious rooms, the hotel features several first-class conference facilities. Jewel in the crown is the majestic 530m3 conference hall, which doubles as a ballroom/ banqueting suite for big occasions. When the hotel decided to upgrade the prestigious hall to the latest technology standards, Barco partner Exton installed Barco’s three-chip RLM-W8 projector.

“It really met all the requirements,” said Exton’s Kristján Magnússon. “First of all flawless image quality, of course. Thanks to the three-chip DLP® projection, its WUXGA resolution and 8K lumen brightness, the RLM-W8 ensures vibrant colors and crisp images, even in rooms with ambient lighting. In addition, the projector is super silent, which is a must as it is mounted on a projector lift in the room itself.” The customer also appreciated the combination of both digital video (HDMI) as well as serial digital interface (SDI) inputs. As the room is often used for TV broadcasting, SDI inputs are more than handy.

“Our guests are our biggest concern,” added Hrannar Hafsteinsson, IT Manager at the hotel. “In our meeting rooms, we want to offer them only the best-quality technical equipment. Barco is a brand that is renowned as a leader in its field. When our guests see Barco projectors, they know they will get a high-quality visualization solution that they can count on from the very first to the last minute of their conference.”