Welcoming smaller theaters to the digital age

The 63rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) offered an exciting mix of film screenings, press conferences and award ceremonies. Barco has been a Berlinale partner for years, providing the festival with a range of digital cinema projectors. “Barco has always been our first choice,” explains Dagmar Forelle, Head of Sponsorship at the Berlinale. “And we have never regretted that decision. Barco offers us great quality and the best technical support.”

As part of its popular ‘Berlinale goes Kiez’ initiative ‒ bringing the Berlinale films to arthouse cinemas in different neighborhoods – the film festival used Barco’s new compact DP2K-10Sx projector, designed for smaller theatres, independent cinema and art houses.

“At the Berlinale we screen a lot of films in small theaters. Most quality projectors are too big to install in smaller cinemas. Barco’s DP2K-10Sx, however, is a perfect fit,” said Ove Sander, Technical Manager Digital Cinema for the Berlinale. “By installing this new projector in smaller theaters, we were able to digitally project about 90% of the Berlinale films this year, compared to 75% in 2012,” Ove Sander concluded.