It’s a very good relationship between projectiondesign and the museum world. In terms of [the projection systems'] longevity, how often you have to change lamps, etc, the projectiondesign system works best for us, says Dr. Sarah Kenderdine, Director of Research at ALiVE.

The ALiVE lab, consisting of large-scale multi-user immersive visualisation installations, is an interdisciplinary research initiative of the School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong. Located at the Hong Kong Science Park, domain specialists are working together to create unique technological and content rich solutions for cultural and industrial applications in the public domain.

“We’re dealing with large scale data sets and very high resolution laser scanning and photography of world heritage sites. We’re working a lot in 3D and our systems are generally designed for the mass public and public venues, so we have a series of work distributed throughout the world. High quality projectors, with great color wheels - just projection fidelity – is extremely important to our work”, says Dr. Sarah Kenderdine, Director of Research at ALiVE.

The aim of the research lab is to enable the interpretation of tangible and intangible cultural knowledge for galleries, archives and museums. The research addresses various social contexts and environmental challenges, and its applications set benchmarks for interactive art, future cinema, situated gaming and digital humanities. […] finding the best fit between very high end quality, which they demand, and good service - and personal service and price – is one of the things that we work on. So, with projectiondesign projectors we meet all of those necessities of our business”, says Kenderdine. “Because we are operating in museum contexts; these museums are open 7 days a week […] from 10am till 6pm, sometimes longer, and so with a projectiondesign system we know that we got very good quality over that period of time”, she continues.

The research is enabled by an exceptional set of large-scale multi-user immersive visualisation installations, installed at the 1000 sq.m. laboratory by system integrator "Immersive Realisation". It includes stereographic, 360-degree, panoramic and hemispheric projection, surround-sound and multi-modal interaction systems, which are complimented by a range of singular photographic, cinematographic and sonic production tools. 

ALiVE stands for Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment.