Kicking off the 2014 match ball with a massive projection mapping

The countdown to a FIFA World Cup starts a very long time in advance. For years, the Brazilians have been working hard to get their country ready for the 2014 tournament. Among the first events in the run-up to the big weeks, are the Final Draw and the launch of the official match ball. The launch event for the ‘Brazuca’, the 2014 tournament ball, took place in Rio de Janeiro in December 2013, during an impressive event organized by Adidas, creator of the FIFA tournament ball since the 1970s.

Hill and Knolton, Immersive, United VJs and Play Projeções all played their part in the preparations for the launch party. Their mission: develop an impressive 3D projection onto the historic mansion of Parque Lage, telling the history of the tournament ball. Play Projeções was happy to deliver 12 Barco FLM-HD20 projectors that helped bring the story to life.

Mr. Robson Guerra, partner and technical director at Play, has been in the projection business for over 20 years and helped introduce the Barco brand in Brazil. Guerra and his team unhesitatingly choose Barco projectors for all their projection mapping projects. “100% of our projector inventory is Barco, as the quality of the solution is beyond compare,” said Ricardo Sacramento, partner at Play Projeções. “Barco's FLM-HD20 projectors display clear, crisp images with full HD picture-in-picture capability, even in a luminous environment. On top of that, they are unbelievably silent. The HD20s really are just what we needed for this impressive launch event.”
The party attracted Brazil’s most popular celebrities as well as international soccer stars like Cafu, Hernane and Clarence Seedorf. The show was broadcast live on Brazil’s ESPN, FOX and GLOBO and 47 other TV-stations worldwide.