À l’occasion de l’édition de cette année du marathon de Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie, Standard Chartered Bank, le principal parrain de l’évènement, a surpris les coureurs tous comme les supporters en leur proposant un spectacle 3D captivant. L’intégrateur local Cantuman, partenaire de Barco, a produit un mapping vidéo spectaculaire sur la façade du 19e siècle de ce qui était la première succursale de la banque à Kuala Lumpur.

With the 140th anniversary celebrations of the bank’s arrival in Malaysia set for next year, Standard Chartered wanted to give the city something special. In a unique outdoor projection mapping show, the façade of the bank’s very first branch in Kuala Lumpur, just 150 meters from the marathon’s start and finish line, came to life.
An unusual angular set-up – across two sides of the building – placed high demands on two of Barco’s XLM HD30 projectors deployed by Cantuman. The projectors’ unparalleled video processing and picture-in-picture capabilities, however, proved more than up to the task and delivered a seamless 3D show on the 34-meter-wide canvas.

“Many runners watched in amazement this innovative and creative spectacle. Thousands of people shared videos of the show on social media. I believe the project has contributed greatly to the promotion of our city.” Christopher Domitter, Country Head Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered – Malaysia