We have a fleet of medical displays ranging from the Nio 2MP and Nio 5MP to the Eonis clinical displays. Not once have they let us down, so the decision to extend our collaboration with Barco was only logical.

Dr Harsha Chadaga
Senior Consultant and Head of Clinical Operations at Columbia Asia Hospitals
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With 25 medical facilities, Columbia Asia is one of the largest hospital chains in Asia. One of its main assets is an unremitting commitment to ensure its staff has access to best-in-class medical equipment. In its flagship hospital in Bangalore, for example, Barco’s diagnostic display systems and automated MediCal QAWeb Quality Assurance service were installed to guarantee precise, DICOM-calibrated images at all times.

Since its inception in 1998, radiologists at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore,India, have been using a wide range of Barco medical displays. Sixteen successful years later, the rapidly expanding Columbia Asia group is adding Barco’s brand new Nio Color 2MP and automated MediCal QAWeb Quality Assurance service to its flagship hospital’s display fleet – a strategic move to cater to the needs of a growing middle class. And a great way for the hospital staff to meet its selfimposed, strict standards for healthcare and efficiency.

The very first display system we bought from Barco impressed us greatly, & they have outdone themselves again with the Nio Color 2MP. Barco meets all the regulatory requirements, providing us with complete diagnostic confidence.

Dr Harsha Rajaram
Vice-President at Columbia Asia Hospitals