The Megabox cinema chain in South Korea opened its 550th screen in September 2016. While this was quite an achievement, everyone at Megabox had their eyes on the future … And they believe the future lies in all-laser cinema.

Embracing quality

Megabox has always enthralled movie-goers with superior image quality. And so, for their all-laser cinemas, nothing but the best would do: the highest peak luminance, brightest 3D, most defined contrast, and the widest colour gamut available. At the same time, these all-laser cinemas needed to respond to the specific requirements of different screen and auditorium sizes. Megabox wanted a reliable solution that offered operational efficiency, with low electricity and labour costs, and as few consumable parts as possible. 

A laser projector for every screen size

After researching the market, Megabox realised Barco is the only manufacturer to provide a complete range of laser cinema projectors. It includes six premium laser projectors and nine smart laser projectors. But this isn’t all. Barco combines their extensive range with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market today. There was no need for Megabox to look elsewhere.

Immediate availability and fast roll-out

Megabox and Barco soon entered into a partnership. In the first twelve months, Barco will supply 28 laser projectors for the all-laser cinemas. They include DP2K-10SLP, DP2K-15CLP, DP2K-20CLP, DP4K-45L, and DP4K-60L projectors, allowing Megabox to offer movie-goers innovative all-laser auditoriums around South Korea. And this is what they are doing. In Songdo, in May 2017, Megabox proudly opened their very first all-laser cinema to eager movie-going audiences.

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Barco all-laser projectors
• DP4K-60L
• DP4K-45L
• DP2K-10SLP
• DP2K-15CLP
• DP2K-20CLP

Why Barco?
• Comprehensive product portfolio
• High contrast
• High brightness
• Reliability
• Low TCO