Like many colleges of its kind, the Technova vocational college has been using technology in its classes for several years already. And like many others, it has been discovering the benefits and pitfalls that this often entails.

wePresent means ease of use. You don't want to worry. You want to get going on your own, be online and start immediately.

Peter de Kleuver
Motor vehicle technology teacher - Technova College
As usage went to from PCs to portables to mobile phones, connectivity became an issue. Trying to ensure efficiency when using cables and HDMI was problematic. Adaptation to evolving technology was also difficult for some older members of the teaching staff. “The feeling is that we weren’t using the system to the fullest,” according to Peter de Kleuver, one of the teachers. Physically, the Technova facilities are spread across different buildings. Over the past few years, they had started introducing wePresent to various classes and are now systematically installing wePresent in new locations. Technova is part of the Christelijke Onderwijs Groep (COG), whose entire IT project coordination is run by Erwin Smith. They are currently favoring wePresent as a single system across the group’s facilities as a whole. “It’s a question of flexibility for both students and lecturers,” says Smith. “They are not locked to one device and need no cables to present or attend courses.” At present, almost 200 wePresent units are in action across the group’s twelve locations. “Some teachers are further advanced and allow BYOD. We do not impose this but facilitate it,” says Smith. “But the awareness is growing. After 4 years now, I notice that where an AV setup is missing, teachers ask for one. I love getting people inspired to enrich their teaching with technology”


  • Bring ideas to life with a low investment
  • Simple, fully configurable, app-based interface for BYOD environments
  • Flexible connection methods to meet the needs of your environment
  • Designed for anywhere that people collaborate: business, government and schools

I love getting people inspired to enrich their teaching with technology.

Erwin Smith
IT Project Coordination COG