Dec 18, 2018

Why meetings fail? Seven tips to get more productive meetings

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On average we attend 10 meetings a week. That’s a full day per week spent in meeting rooms.

But not all meeting time is used efficiently.  Actually, recent research from Barco and Circle research shows that only 30% of a meeting is spent working towards objectives. 23% is wasted on tech issues and waiting for people to join and another 26% on chitchat about topics that are not even related to the meeting topic. Only 30% of efficiency and collaboration… So, what can businesses do to raise the bar on meeting productivity?

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To make the most of precious meeting hours and give meetings more reason and relevance, business need to address the sorry state of meeting culture and habits. With these tips, we can make meetings matter again:

  • Only attend the right meetings.

    51% of respondents agree that they often attend meetings that turn out to be irrelevant to them

    Only go to those meetings where you are actually needed, in this way, you’ll have to attend less meetings too. And don’t be afraid to leave meetings if they are not serving their purpose.

  • Never start a meeting without a good preparation.

    48% says that it’s often unclear to them what the meeting objective is.

    Sent out an agenda and define clear objectives. Make sure all required team members have confirmed their attendance and be clear on roles & responsibilities.
    Start on time. And anyone who’s late, is no longer allowed to walk into the meeting… There is no room for interruptions or distractions in the meeting culture of tomorrow.

  • Invest in good meeting tech and the right room set up.

    80% want technology in meetings to be intuitive

    Technology is the biggest enabler when it comes to collaboration. However, it can also become the biggest barrier for productivity when not working properly. Employees today want to bring their own devices for sharing and conferencing, which represents a security challenge for businesses. 

  • Assign roles.

    70% typically assign roles in meetings and these are seen as helpful

    Appointing a chairperson, timekeeper or note taker keeps the conversation on track and helps monitor meeting time. Topics going off the meeting objective, can be parked far easier by the person in charge and no one ever forgets to send out the meeting notes with assigned roles.

  • Use the right content and don’t underestimate the power of multimedia.

    72% feel more engaged when multimedia is used in presentations

    Jazz your meeting up with multimedia and visual elements. Create a dynamic, engaging presentation. Keep your slides minimal. With the right technology, you can increase engagement by making the meeting interactive and allowing more people to share ideas.

  • Be creative, but make sure it’s in the right meeting space.

    39% prefer brainstorm meetings
    84% prefer huddle spaces for spontaneous meetings

    Huddle spaces inject creativity and inspiration in the workplace. Quick decision-making, short team get-togethers or impromptu discussions: the huddle room enables all of these. Change your meeting style, go huddle.

  • Have fewer and shorter meetings.

    57% believe meetings should be shorter

    Stop wasting time, improve efficiency and aim for the 21 minute meeting!

Want to know more on how to optimize your meetings? Download our Ultimate guide to the perfect meeting.

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