Jun 05, 2019

A heart for people and the environment

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More than ever, businesses are embracing sustainability. At Barco, it has become part of our corporate strategy. That’s why we have set clear targets, based on the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the UN agenda. For this World Environment Day (June 5), we want to touch upon our sustainability efforts in healthcare.

In healthcare, we have a heart for both people and the environment. Our goal is to lower our environmental footprint and that of our customers. Below is an overview of our focus areas and what we have done so far to make the healthcare business a more sustainable business.

Footprint of our operations

More sustainable transport is key in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To give you an idea: transport of medical displays from Belgium to the US accounts for about 13% of our CO2 footprint. That’s why we changed the way of transportation for our medical displays. Sea cargo transport is preferred over long-haul air transport. Also, medical displays meant for the Chinese market are now manufactured in the new China plant, so CO2 emissions will drop even further.

What’s more, for most of our medical displays, we fully control the production process. Our special production lines are designed to supervise the information flow and ensure traceability of every component. It’s how we can track raw materials in the supply chain and ensure the use of sustainable components.

Footprint of our products

We assemble products with special attention to the sustainable use of natural resources. With our eco design program, we focus on four main pillars: improving energy performance, reducing the toxicity of our products (RoHs and REACH compliance), packaging in an environmentally friendly way, and enhancing the amount of recyclable parts.

A few examples: the new Nexxis hardware is 50% more energy-efficient than before. We applied low power modes for our medical displays, and reduced their weight and size. And we reduce shipping costs and waste by only shipping the power cables that are needed dependent on the region. 

Next to improving their energy performance, we ensure that our products are easy to maintain, refurbish, upgrade and eventually recycle. That’s exactly why we are now rating our products with an eco-score. At least 25% of our new products should have an A eco-score or higher by 2020.

Involving the supplier network

Every transport and warehousing tender now includes a sustainability clause: logistic suppliers are expected to inform us about their sustainability plans and initiatives. This information is taken into account in our supplier selection procedure. In addition, we add sustainability clauses in the contracts, driving our suppliers to advance their efforts to cut carbon emissions.

2020 target

We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our overall operations by 20% and reduce the energy footprint of our products by 25% by 2020. Ambitious goals that are indispensable in our journey towards creating sustainable impact. For more information, read Barco’s 2018 sustainability report.

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