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Illuminating the breast health journey

From early detection to accurate diagnosis


Hi there!

Welcome to our campaign in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"Illuminating the breast health journey" focuses on the importance of early detection and accurate diagnosis. Because these two factors can fundamentally define the outcome of anyone's breast health journey - whether it's cancer or something else.

We hope to support you or anyone you know, with answers to some of the questions you might have!

Keep an eye on this page, we'll keep adding information throughout the entire month of October.

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The importance of early diagnosis

For many women, the breast health journey never goes further than getting tested on a regular basis.

But even when you have always been in perfect health, it's important to discuss breast health with your doctor or gynaecologist.

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Something was found in my breast... What happens next?

When doctors found something in your breast, for example during your regular screening mammogram, they will want to do more tests to find out what it is exactly.

This might result in a lot of medical appointments for you. Below, you can find a short overview of the most commonly used imaging tests and why they are useful to diagnose what's going on.

Learn more about breast imaging tests

Imaging tests: a short overview


  • Uses very low doses of radiation
  • Shows a lot of detail
  • A variant is tomosynthesis, for a 3D image of your breast
  • Can be more difficult to analyze with dense tissue


  • Uses gel and sound waves
  • Can help with dense tissue
  • Shows the difference between fluids or solid masses
  • Often used during biopsies


  • Uses radiowaves and magnets, which is not harmful
  • Gives a better view of soft tissue
  • Is an additional test to rule out incorrect diagnoses, and not always necessary
  • Can also be used when you have a higher risk factor for breast cancer (such as family history)

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The journey at a glance

Stay tuned, we'll be adding more information here throughout October!

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