D-Cine Premiere DP100

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À propos de l’D-Cine Premiere DP100

Recognized as the industry standard for Digital Cinema, Barco’s D-Cine Premiere DP100 projector is based on Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema™ technology, which enables it to deliver the benefits of 2048x1080 display resolution, 18.000 Cinema lumens light output, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 as well as DLP Cinema™, CineBlack™, CinePalette™ and CineLink™ image control.

The DP100 is easy to maintain, among other things because of its hermetically sealed DMD™ engine and optical assembly, for increased longevity via dust-free operations.

The D-Cine Premiere DP100 meets or exceeds SMPTE screen brightness standards on screens up to 20m (65.6ft) wide, and ensures optimum performance and reliability through its integrated light path and digital processing.

Being fully compatible with Barco’s D-Cine Communicator, the industries’ most advanced projector control and diagnostics software, the DP100 simply is the perfect tool to answer the demanding needs of the digital cinema industry.

D-Cine Communicator software
All D-Cine Premiere projectors are fully compatible with Barco’s D-Cine Communicator, the industries’ most advanced projector control & diagnostics software, designed to answer the needs of both theatre owners and the post production community.

SNMP agent
Thanks to the SNMP agent feature - optional for both the DP100 and DP90 - total and constant monitoring of the internal projection system is guaranteed. The SNMP agent software allows for flexible integration in existing networks, and monitors every action that takes place within the D-Cine Premiere projector. The SNMP agent allows for proactive intervention and maintenance if necessary, by activating standard network management software packages, such as WhatsUp Professional / Gold from Ipswitch, SNMPc from Castle Rock, HP Open View from HP, ... .

* at 14 footlambert and screen gain of 1.8

D-Cine Premiere DP100

D-Cine Premiere DP100
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