À propos de l’NCN-220

Barco’s weConnect solution offers an easy way to achieve a fully functional collaborative learning environment. The system allows students and teachers to bring their own devices to the classroom and share their information, whether it is graphics, video, audio or applications, on the pod displays and the classroom projector.

BYOD is not only about sharing pixels to screens – personal devices are an essential collaborative interaction tool as well. The system therefore comes with interaction option to allow students and teachers to work in groups. Support for quizzes, polls, real-time feedback and silent questions allow all students to be active learners. Teachers are free to walk around with their own device. Which gives full preview and moderation control over the room, pods and sources.

Key features

Wireless presentation with automatic source composition

  • Drives up to 4 displays
  • Allows 8 sources to be simultaneously shown on all displays
  • Can stream display content to other in-room displays or to remote rooms
  • Provides thumbnail views on student and teacher devices
  • Teachers and students connect wirelessly to the display with MirrorOP and Airplay

Interactivity, Moderation and Collaboration

  • Teachers control the displays from a simple web interface (with previews)
  • Web interface is compatible with all major operating systems
  • Students can only share content on their display by using PIN codes
  • Students and teachers interact and collaborate via a web-based cloud application


  • Easy integration in the campus network. Connectivity over multiple subnets
  • Automatic EDID management and scaling, the best experience without display adjustments
  • Students and teachers use standard network connections for local services and benefit from presentation, interaction and collaboration features

Caractéristiques techniques


Caractéristiques techniques


Caractéristiques techniques


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