SLite 10

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À propos de l’SLite 10

The SLite 10 LED display achieves a visual resolution of 10mm versus a physical resolution of 20mm, thanks to Barco’s proprietary Dual Pixel Technology, which doubles the visual resolution of an LED display. Thanks to the high fill factor of the LED components, the SLite 10 LED display can be used for LED displays with relatively short viewing distances. It is the ideal product for outdoor advertising, corporate branding, and many other outdoor LED display applications.
The SLite offers the perfect resolution for such large-scale installations as spectaculars, sports or othe large venue applications.

Combine the best of both worlds to get the best possible picture quality. The SLite can overlay video and data sources in their native quality. No conversion of any kind gives the display the ultimate sharpness of all sources.


Unmatched image quality & display performance
With its ultra-high light output, the Barco outdoor LED display products offer unequalled brightness and contrast levels making them ideal for use in very bright outdoor locations, even in direct sunlight. The products have been designed to guarantee optimal viewing conditions for all spectators. Even at viewing angles of 120 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical viewers still perceive half of the full brightness. high brightness, even at extreme viewing angles Barco’s unique, proprietary Dual Pixel Technology, incorporated in SLite 10, SLite 14 and DLite 7 products, offers a greatly enhanced perceived resolution by visually doubling the physical resolution, offering you ‘more resolution for your money’.

True color reproduction & authentic video quality
The SLite and DLite display products incorporate Barco’s Proprietary LED System Color Signature, True Color ReproductionTM and True Motion Reproduction technology, which ensure accurate color uniformity and smoother, flickerfree video. Whether it is used as a video board, or for data content and messaging, the SLite and DLite display products offer the perfect picture over the life-time of the display.

Rugged, modular design
With their modular design, the DLite and SLite modules offer both optimal flexibility in the shape and design of the display and guarantee seamless scalability. The rugged, dust and water-proof modules are certified IP65, making them resistant to harsh external elements, and thus ideal for use in all outdoor conditions. For fixed installations, the modules are placed in a rugged structure that is tailored to each specific installation and that easily integrates in any environment. State-of-the-art mechanical design allows ease of servicing, while built-in intelligence enables auto configuration and hot-swapping of modules without interrupting the performance of the display –guaranteeing minimum down time and minimum time to repair per display.

Ultimate system reliability
Using Total Quality Management techniques in both component sourcing & manufacturing as well as product design ensures a quality product that delivers a secure long-term investment. Every SLite and DLite module is also equipped with an embedded PC, which provides it with intelligence and processing upgradability. Add to that each tile’s built-in innovative heat management system, and Barco’s outdoor display products offer a high-quality display solution with a longer life-time, ensuring lower cost of ownership than many of its competitors.

A complete display solution
Barco’s DLite and SLite products are more than just the best range of outdoor LED displays available. Its integrated concept from image processing and transmission to the application specific mounting structure allow for fast set-up, easy service and full control over both video and data sources. Combined with Barco’s application software for display management and control, the outdoor LED display products provide a complete solution for visualization in various outdoor environments.

Countless applications
Barco’s DLite and SLite display ranges offer many different resolution options that are suitable to a variety of applications in the rental & staging market as well as for fixed outdoor installations:
  • Entertainment venues
  • Sports stadiums
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Spectaculars
  • Rental & staging

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Caractéristiques techniques


Caractéristiques techniques


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