WOTW Example

“Imagine using WOTW" to create a life-size ocean, mountain or forest view. “This could be a client’s own ocean view streamed from their beach home! From a technology perspective, it’s also an interesting example of how the different technologies we use to create our canvas enable different experiences. In this case, with the architectural integration possibilities we’ve built into our projectors, projection really allows you to “push over the wall” without being left with a big black hole when it’s just a wall.” See below example how we can create it. 

How we create it

A Window on the world can, be achieved through a selection of technologies. For concept mentioned above, we decided to go for rear projection as we had available space behind the "window". We calculated the mirror size and looked at the gain of the rear projection screen. We checked the amount of ambient light and calculated how bright the projector needed to be, to overcome the ambient light in the room, and found out that a Medea would do the job.

Medea is a 6500 lumens media room projector and for this size canvas it would be bright enough. We used our 90-degree 0.57:1 short throw lens.

For a more narrow installation, we use less space for the projector, a Balder, Loki or Njord could be used, these models have a shorter throw 90 degree lens (0.41:1). That would reduce the size of the mirror and reduce the amount of depth behind the screen. Using two projectors blended would reduce the amount of space and reduce the mirror size even more, as each projector would cover a smaller part of the image.
With three or four projectors we could also remove the mirror and for example install the projectors vertically, to increase the overall resolution.. 
The concepts we offer can be 100% custom and are designed based on the available space,  design critera available at site and the budget. 

More information?

If you want to learn more about Barco Residential offerings in Architectural Integration and how you can integrate our products in a nice way, follow the download button to download our Architectural integration book

We also offer trainings and design help to integrate the projectors into your projects. We can also verify your design to make sure you get the best result possible.