Barco Certified Associate - Diagnostic Imaging: Display Care

This self-paced, online certification program introduces Diagnostic Imaging End users to Barco Healthcare and Barco’s hardware, software and services capabilities

Description de la formation

Topics specifically include an overview of Barco’s service organization, the diagnostic imaging portfolio and QAWeb Enterprise; Barco’s medical calibration and QA software.

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  • Basic IT skills, network skills, knowledge of medical imaging equipment and modalities
  • Completion of Associate level training program; self-paced online training (available on the attendees learning plan)

Public cible

End-Users: PACS admin, PACS managers, biomed technician, IT, It engineer, helpdesk, radiology technologist, medical physicist, radiologists, medical technicians.


This DisplayCare training program is aimed at helping you get the most out of your medical display fleet management


Self-paced online program consisting several e-learning modules. Total time required: 1-2 hours


Training included as part of a Managed or DisplayCare service contract

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After successful completion of the program, the participant receives the Healthcare “Barco Certified Associate – Diagnostic Imaging Display Care” certification


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