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This training program includes eLearning modules helps get you to the next level - confident with your demo and sales pitch. In addition, you’ll get in-depth knowledge on Barco’s terms and conditions, warranty and service offerings.

Description de la formation

There are a number of optional eLearning modules if you want to get more deeply into understanding how Barco provides you and your company with support, how to install and configure a dental display as well as how to set-up and configure QAWeb.

  • Unlocking the dental display market (10-15 mins)
  • Barco’s dental service offerings, warranty, terms & conditions (5-10 mins)

Optional Modules

  • Barco’s service organization, processes and tools (10 mins)
  • Dental display installation & configuration (10 mins)
  • How to set-up QAWeb (10 mins)

All modules must be completed including the assessment at the end of each module in order to achieve certification. You will see your progress as you complete the different items.


Attendees must complete the Barco Certified Healthcare Sales Associate – Dental Display Solutions Program prior completing the Sales Professional Level program.

Public cible

Sales Manager, Business development managers, Sales Managers, Account Managers, Sales professional, Sales expert, Pre-sales engineers, anyone interested in dental displays                                                                                                                                                                                                


By the end of this Certified Sales Professional-level Certification Partner Training program you will be able to show an in-depth knowledge relating to Barco’s dental display portfolio, the value proposition behind it, the key stakeholders you will sell too, how to pitch, how to overcome objections and how to demo.

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4 weeks


FOC for Barco Healthcare Channel Partners

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After successful completion of all modules in the program and the exam, the participant receives the Healthcare “Barco Certified Sales Professional - Dental Display Solution” Certification Course certificate will be available for download via the participants myBarco Account.


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