Barco Certified Technical Specialist - Diagnostic Imaging Support

This certification training course will increase the product and technical awareness of service and support professionals to enable them better support their clients.

Description de la formation

On completion of the Classroom based learning, you will be granted access to the Assessment. This must be completed within 5 days of the class training, to attain your certification.

NOTE: Once enrolled, you must sign up for the Instructor-led class. A list of available class schedules will be visible on your learning plan (in the Available Classes section). 


You will also be able to view and register via the Program agenda, the "Register Now" button will provide a list of available classes.


Following the successful completion of both the training and the assessment, you will receive the Healthcare "Barco Certified Technical Specialist Diagnostic Imaging Support" certification.

System Setup and Installation Hands-on
MXRT Display controller Theory
MXRT Tools: IWT, BMSE, System Cleaner Theory + Hands-on
Factory Reset & Firmware updates Theory + Hands-on
Where to find useful information on myBarco Theory 
All about QAWeb Enterprise Theory + Hands-on 
Troubleshooting Theory + Hands-on
Certification Assessment
*Separate ½ day session provided for DACH region only to cover QAWeb for DIN-6868-57/6868-157


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You must complete the “Barco Certified Healthcare Associate – Partner Induction Diagnostic Imaging Support” program and be in possession of a valid Associate level certificate, before registration on to the Specialist level class session will be accepted.

Public cible

Barco Employees, Barco Partners

Targeted Roles: Installation and Service engineers, Maintenance engineer, solution architects, Field Service engineers, Support engineers, Help desk employees, Service coordinator, Pre-sales engineers, Repair technicians, Escalation engineers,


Goal: This certification training program, comprising an Instructor led class, together with an online assessment, will increase the product and technical awareness of service and support professionals to enable you to better support your clients. You will be able to set up and configure a complete QAWeb installation in a hospital environment and perform basic troubleshooting.


1,5 days


Certification classroom training Specialist level: €450 per seat (Price includes syllabus, lunches, certification - Excludes travel, taxi, hotels accommodation and diner). Training delivered via the Virtual Classroom is offered FOC.

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After successful completion of both the Instructor led class and the exam, you will receive the “Healthcare Barco Certified Technical Specialist - Diagnostic Imaging Support” certification


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