OverView KVD5521B and OverView LVD5521B

This video introduces installers to the mechanical installation of KVD5521B and LVD5521B.

Description de la formation

The video based course illustrates
  • The pre-installation test / DOA-test
  • How to re-pack a panel for return shipment 
  • How to mount the power supply and input board 
  • How to mount the panel on a structure


Always refer to the Installation Manual and/or Quick Quides as the latest correct source of product information. 

Public cible

Broad Technical audience: Service & Helpdesk engineers, technical trainers, project engineers


  • Perform installation of the Barco OverView KVD5521B or LVD5521B monitor
  • Respond to technical questions from partners/integrators/end-users when doing Barco Tiled LCD installations and/or service activities.


10 mins

Langue parlée

English captions. No spoken voice-over included


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OverView KVD5521B

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Produits associés

OverView LVD5521B

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