The Basics of Dermatology and Skin Cancer

This interactive e-learning provides an introduction to Dermatology and skin cancer.

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You will learn about the skin’s main functions, composition and histological structure. This course will also cover the most common types of skin conditions including the various forms of skin cancer, the causes and treatment methods. Finally explore the principles behind dermoscopy and how it aids in diagnosing skin cancer.



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This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn about Dermatology or those who wish to complete the ADS training program.


The goal of this course is to provide a general introduction to Dermatology as a preparation for the ADS training program.


Approximately 20 minutes


FOC for Barco employees

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After successful completion of the exam, the participant receives the “Healthcare - Barco Certified Associate - The Basics of Dermatology and Skin Cancer” certificate. Note: this course will be a pre-requisite to taking the ADS certification program or may be part of a program where you will be required to complete this e-learning to attain certification.

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