XDL Expert: module overview

This training is an introduction to the modules inside XDL

Description de la formation

You will learn about the functionality and position the optical, mechanical and electrical building blocks. Next to that you will learn which units can be replaced and what action is needed after replacement.


  • Block diagram
  • Communication flow
  • Power flow
  • Optical path
  • Signal flow
  • Cooling flow
  • Sensors



  • Barco High brightness and laser illuminated projector safety training (E-learning: see training section on Barco website)
  • Knowledge of or experience in projection basics.

Public cible

  • Product experts
  • Service engineers
  • Repair staff
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Technical professionals


Goal: to give people that did not attend the full Specialist level training a basic technical overview of modules in Barco’s XDL projector and its installation.


4 hours



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