This training is taking you through the essentials on installing/commissioning a Barco Projection product assembly successfully. The product ranges covered are UDM, UDX, F80 and G-series.

This is targeted towards Fixed Install applications only!

Course Agenda


Introduction to Barco Projectors – Pulse series - 
Portfolio - Single chip vs 3 DMD – DLP, phosphor vs colorwheel, etc... explained.
Understanding the installation requirements for Barco projectors, options, lens calculator,...

G series – G50/G62
Connections, OSD, detailed overview & troubleshooting, Service plan explained

Initial hands-on with Projector toolset, Prospector, webanalyser. How and when to use it ? Standard user vs Power user 

F Series – F80
Market Focus & Strategy, Safety, Scheimpflug, Features & Options, Connections, OSD, Introducing color spaces, Calibration, Fault finding, Service strategy & warranty, 


Features & options, Important factors, Familiarization with the projector's control panel and remote.
Network Integration and Control, Advanced Features and Applications
Understanding Calibration Basics, Introducing Real Color, Hands-on

Utilizing Calibration Tools and Software, Gamma Correction, Common Color-triangle,..
Keystone Correction, Warping, blending, Black level correction, Service strategy (filters, error messages, etc...)


The best image possible, 3D, Dynablack,
Certification test, theoretical/practical


10 points recap

  • Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop computer
  • Basic computer operation and networking experience.
  • As this class deals with 'High-brightness' projection equipment, there are certain safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration. This E-learning takes you through those requirements as well as taking you through the hazards and safety risks when not adhering to those requirements! Thanks for taking a moment to go through this learning module before you join the class!
Target audience

Audiovisual technicians, technical directors, pre-sales engineers or anyone who will have to operate and understand the system in order to specify it as well as set it up for Immersive Fixed Install applications.




Students will engage in classroom theory and hands-on activities in order to:

- Enhance their understanding of the product line. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up the system for use in fixed install applications.

- Further enhance their understanding of the product line.


Barco Certified Specialist

Barco Certified Specialist (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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Formule de formation: Formation en classe
Durée: 2.5 days
Prix: FOC for Selected partners (Max. 3 enrollments/partner)
Langue: ENG

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