This certification training course introduces installers to the mechanical installation of Barco's UniSee LCD walls


The video based course shows the mechanical setup from start to finish, and provides a clear visual guide to complement the technical descriptions of the installation manual.

Target Audience

Broad Technical audience: Service & Helpdesk engineers, technical trainers, project engineers

To play the E-learning:You must have a browser that is able to play html5 content.
If you experience problems, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 
You can also try a different browser. (IE, Edge and Firefox handle flash better than for example Chrome)
To Certify, make sure to watch the four main (numbered) videos completely. Also watch the video "Servicing the UniSee". The link to the quiz will not appear until the required videos have been watched. 


To Install a UniSee wall:

Read and follow the Installation Manual.
Familiar with installing equipment requiring high-precision mechanical alignment.
Must know how to effectively use a laser-levelling device.
Must have safety training working on heights (cherry picker or such) if wall height requires such tools.
Earlier experience with tiled LCD installations Is a plus.

  • Perform installation and servicing activities of the Barco UniSee product-range.
  • Respond to technical questions from partners/integrators/end-users when doing Barco UniSee installations and/or service activities.
  • Become Barco Certified Specialist to deliver the Barco UniSee experience to the world.

IMPORTANT: Please also take the VideoWallMgr E-learning as this contains all the key information on how to set up/configure the LED TruePix Wall

After successful completion of the test at the end of the E-learning, the participant can download a certificate: “Barco Certified Specialist - UniSee Installation”
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Formule de formation: E-learning
Durée: 45 mins (excluding the Quiz) for must-see items
Prix: FOC
Langue: en

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