This training course introduces installers to Video Wall Manager Software

The E-learning shows the setup of a video display wall in the Video Wall Manager Software.

Next to that, it illustrates the functionalities on how to control and align the different supported products.

This E-learning is created using version as a reference, and focusses on LCD and RPC walls. 

For LED walls, please refer to the other version of this E-learning.  

Check back for updates as new versions of the software, and this E-learning are being released. 

* Supported products include UniSee, ODL, LVD, KVD, featuring input boards with display port loop through. If you have an older wall or an upgrade using DVI or HDMITM loop through, the wall will be controlled using BCM6.

    Target Audience

    This training is mainly intended for a technical audience involved in installing and servicing the various walls.


    • This E-Learning uses terms which are specific to display technology and video standards. Some knowledge in this field is preferred.
    • A minimum knowledge of networking is preferred. (IP/DHCP/Time Server)
    • To take this E-learning without issues, you must have a browser that is able to play html5 content. When you experience problems, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 
      We recommend to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as browser.

    Learn the core functionality of Video Wall Manager

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    Formule de formation: E-learning
    Durée: Approximately 75 mins
    Prix: FOC
    Langue: ENG

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