weConnect Specialist: Installation & Configuration (remote training)

This remote training delivered via a weConnect Virtual Classroom, is aimed at providing an introduction to the weConnect education platform, all of its capabilities, and the installation workflow of local classroom scenarios.

Description de la formation

This remote training is aimed at providing a complete overview of Barco’s weConnect education platform, all its capabilities, the full installation workflow, network design and the architecture as far as required to allow smooth installation and support. Trainees will learn the theory associated with the technical aspects involved in installing and supporting the system and will see many demos of the processes.

Participants who pass the theoretical test will be asked to complete a practical test on their own equipment or remotely on the training equipment in Barco’s headquarters.

Goal of the training

  • to know and understand the full weConnect offering
  • to be able to install, configure and support an institute in weConnect


Before you can take this course, you must have taken the following e-learnings:

The course requires the following technical knowledge:

  • Basic networking knowledge

To participate in the virtual classroom the following is required:

  • Laptop with Google Chrome
  • A headset and webcam

Public cible

Barco employees & Barco partners:

  • Installation engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Support staff


  • Where to find information
  • Discover the weConnect education platform
  • Quick recap of the participant user interface and teacher user interface
  • Hardware components
  • How to access Barco’s weConnect platform as a partner
    • URL
    • General settings and Themes
    • User management: users, user groups, managers
    • Features
    • Authentication: through email/password versus SAML
  • Configure an institute and room scenarios
    • Define an institute (Locations)
    • Pair devices to rooms (Tools)
    • Configure the hardware: devices and peripherals, updates, reflash (Devices)
    • Configure room scenarios (Location settings, Room configuration)
    • Recording
  • Overview of all video and audio streams: digital audio mixing enabled versus disabled
  • Understand the network design, requirements, restrictions
  • Maintenance and support
    • Support role
    •  Session data
    • Network test (BPT)
  • Integration and automation: API rest commands


2x 4 hours


$/€ 400 per person

Langue parlée



After successful completion of the course and both theoretical and practical test the participant receives a certificate: weConnect Installation and Support Specialist

Programme des formations

Date Localisation Sièges restants
mardi 14 décembre 2021 Virtual Classroom (Chrome)browser http address https://bu5-uat.edu.barco.com 12 Inscrivez-vous

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