Online Recertification - Barco Certified Specialist

This online course provides recertification for holders of the Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema Installation and Basic Maintenance certification.

Description de la formation

This exam covers topics learned in the Barco Certified Specialist - Installation and Basic Maintenance course. This re-certification course does not include the DP2K-xxL (i.e. Laser) Series of projectors. 


The course is only for individuals currently in possession of a valid Barco Digital Cinema Specialist Certification that is expired or about to expire.

Public cible

All Certification recipients whose certification needs to be renewed for another two years.


The purpose of the re-certification exam is to reinforce the knowledge and expertise gained in the Barco Certified Specialist - Installation and Basic Maintenance course as well as additional knowledge and expertise that would be expected of a technician with two years of field experience.

Détails de la formation

1.5 hours
Langue(s) parlée(s)
After successful completion of the course and exam, the participant receives Barco Certified Specialist certification valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Pourquoi envisager la formation Barco ?

Élément fondamental de la formation de notre personnel à l’interne, la préparation à la certification proposée par Barco s’est également révélée précieuse pour les commerciaux, les opérateurs, les techniciens ainsi que les ingénieurs de la maintenance employés par nos partenaires commerciaux, par nos clients et par les cabinets de conseil.