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Barco and Unilumin: shaping the future for LED

“Barco’s heritage includes some of the most impressive customized LED installations all around the world.” says Jan De Witte, CEO of Barco. “However, LED technology continues to develop at a rapid ...

12 sep '19 - 2 min di lettura

Barco awarded “Prime” status in ISS-oekom's Sustainability Rating

ISS-oekom is a quite recent and very future-oriented benchmark. It leaves a lot of space for further development and therefore the criteria are quite strict. Barco’s overall C+ is considered a really ...

09 sep '19 - 1 min di lettura

Barco announces healthy first quarter growth

Barco is pleased to announce that all of its divisions delivered growth for the first quarter of the year. The company booked 269.0 million euro of incoming orders, which is an increase of 10.0% ...

17 apr '19 - 1 min di lettura

Barco makes re-entry into Belgian’s benchmark stock market index BEL20

“Although being in the BEL20, or any ‘popularity poll’, is never an objective in itself, it is a nice recognition of the progress we are making,” says Jan De Witte CEO of Barco. “It shows the ...

06 mar '19 - 1 min di lettura

“Shape” Barco’s 2018 annual report is out

"In 2019 and beyond, we want to accelerate future topline growth and further step up profitability. To achieve that aim, we will further shape Barco for the future,” says Jan De Witte, CEO. “Barco ...

08 feb '19 - 1 min di lettura

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