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CTOUCH is an innovative and market leading interactive displays manufacturer, focusing on large format touch displays and interactive touch solutions. Thanks to its continuous innovation, CTOUCH brings the power of touch in any working and learning environment. We stimulate interactivity, productivity and engagement during meetings and in classrooms to enhance effective group collaboration. Wondering how? By unlocking the endless possibilities of touchscreens! For inspiration, for sharing knowledge, for so many things! In every office, classroom, wherever there is a moment to work and learn with others, CTOUCH is always there. Supporting people to their full potential. Get a fresh perspective on interactivity and experience how CTOUCH smart innovations are transforming businesses and education – today and in the future. www.ctouch.eu
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CTOUCH Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

The CTOUCH Riva and Canvas touchscreens are fully compatible with Barco ClickShare and ClickShare Conference. This means that CTOUCH touchscreens, when connected via HDMI or USB to the ClickShare Base Unit, offer touch back functionality. This allows users to touch control the PC that is sharing via the ClickShare Button or the App from the meeting room screen. On the hardware side, you can easily mount and connect the ClickShare unit as CTOUCH touchscreens have a VESA mount and connection bay on the back of the screen. Enjoy the perks of ClickShare and the ease of working with CTOUCH touchscreens.
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CTOUCH Riva (55”, 65”, 75”, 86”)
The CTOUCH Riva makes your meetings and lessons come alive.
No more pointless meetings. And no more dull, unproductive lessons! The CTOUCH Riva is a super user-friendly touchscreen that brings the power of touch in any working and learning environment. Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. It’s fun, we promise!

CTOUCH Canvas (55”, 65”, 75”, 86”)
Take team collaboration to the next level with the CTOUCH Canvas.
The CTOUCH Canvas stands out in every meeting room! Its unique CTOUCHABLE™ design invites you to instantly touch the screen. Discover the ultra-fine pen-on-paper like writing experience. It is designed for business and meets the highest security standards. This touchscreen platform is the pinnacle of 'all-in-one collaboration boards'. Beware, it’s love at first touch!

Validated Peripherals

Device Peripheral firmware ClickShare Conference firmware Solution area Type Interoperability
Leddura 2Meet/2Share 1023 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
Laser air+ 1031 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
Riva 1009 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
Canvas 1003 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
Leddura MX/Business 1034 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
Laser Sky/Nova 1035 02.14 (ultimo) Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible

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