The Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur chose to use FL32 and F32 projectors for their Orbitarium exhibit due to the low maintenance requirements, reliability of operation and great image performance.

In one of the most amazing exhibits at the Technorama, the Orbitarium, a giant globe shines onto the audience lit up by a pair of F32 series projectors. Lit from within, the globe visualises such information as continental drift, seasons, ocean currents, the earth's topographies, air traffic, and more.

The Technorama Science Center Technorama is the only one of its kind in Switzerland, and promises learning, experiences and information to anyone who visits, young and old. Offering both "hands-on" and interactive exhibits, where information is presented rather than explored, it attracts more than 250.000 visitors each year.

See youtube video from the Orbitarium.