Barco’s digital cinema projectors impress during international film festival

The Venice Film Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. Each year, it premieres a selection of international avant-garde films.
To ensure high-grade film screenings during the 69th edition of the festival, Barco partner Cinemeccanica - Main Technical Sponsor of the 2012 Festival - installed a range of Barco digital cinema projectors.

Not only one DP2K-12C, one DP2K-23B and three DP2K-15Cs, but also two DPC80-4K and three DPC80-4K Cinemeccanica projectors, which are based on Barco technology, were used. All projectors were managed by Cinecloud servers.

Pier Carlo Ottoni, Sales and Marketing Director at Cinemeccanica, was excited about this edition of the event: “All the directors were satisfied about the services we offered. The spectators, from their part, were impressed by the high quality of the images delivered by the Barco projectors. During the event, it again struck me how the Barco products still remain the best solution for cinema, because they faithfully reproduce the original idea of the filmmaker and of the director of photography.”