Barco technology contributes to early breast cancer detection training

The Swedish professor of Radiology László Tabár has a mission in life: encourage early breast cancer detection. His hands-on digital mammography screening course teaches radiologists from around the world to read mammography findings in the most efficient and clearest way: “During the course, participants progressively improve their interpretive expertise, as they learn the full spectrum of normal and abnormal breast images, with all findings explained with the help of 3D histology images.”

Reliable diagnostic displays of the highest quality are crucial for the success of Prof. Tabár’s course. The man uses over fifty Barco mammography displays and additional Barco technology. “Barco helps us reach greater proficiency in working up screen-detected findings. Gaining in-depth interpretive expertise leads to fewer call-backs and more recoveries. I was also impressed by CloneView. The images come up very quickly and in high quality. It was love at first sight.”

In recognition of his course, professor Tabár was awarded the Alexander R. Margulis Award for scientific excellence.