The True Colors of Events, in 4K at 60 fps

“Technology is developing at rollercoaster speed and we master all the latest techniques”: that was the message that satis&fy wanted to spread by planning an astonishing projection mapping on the façade of its headquarters in Karben, Germany. The company, which offers a one stop solution for events, invited customers, business partners and other experts to witness how projection can bring images to real life, in splendid colors.

A première: uncompressed 4K at 60 fps
satis&fy’s video department had prepared a gigantic projection of PONG, the mother of all video games, which was played live on an Atari computer. The projection marked a first: it was the world’s very first projection mapping in 4K at 60 frames per second. Two Barco Beta HDQ 4K35 projectors proved to be up to the job. "The high-performance projectors are still the two only ones of this class that can play uncompressed 4K images at this high frame rate," said Francesco Elsing, Director of the satis&fy video department.

Unique experience
In addition to the outside video mapping, a unique foosball game was projected inside the satis&fy headquarters and the AV team showcased a spherical projection created for a special Senckenberg Museum exhibition. All together, the happening was a smart move to highlight the expertise that satis&fy has in the field of advanced technologies to turn every event into a unique experience.