Committed to new formats, new genres and … the latest technology

Popular Endemol TV productions like Big Brother, Star Academy and American TV series such as House, Lost, CSI and Heroes are all part of the offering of Nova television (also known as Nova TV). Launched in 1994 as Bulgaria’s first commercial television station, Nova TV received national license in 2003, thus becoming the third national TV station in the country. Today, the TV station is part of the Swedish media conglomerate Modern Times Group. Over the years, Nova TV has always done its name justice as being an innovative channel not afraid of introducing new formats and genres.

The most advanced technology
More than programming groundbreaking formats, Nova TV is also committed to choosing the most advanced technologies available on the market. That’s why, in 2007, the broadcaster installed a rear-projection Barco OV video wall, in a 3x2 configuration. The wall performed well, yet recently Nova TV decided to replace it with a newer wall that would ensure exceptional brightness, while reducing maintenance and operational costs. “The operational costs of the old wall were getting high,” explains Hristo Radonov, Manager of Barco reseller Ebrasco. “On top of that, it had become quite a hassle to adjust the colors. In the end, the staff spent far too much time trying to fine-tune these to ensure a perfect backdrop.”

Great quality, excellent support
When looking for a new solution, Nova TV carefully compared all the options: LCD, plasma or an upgrade to a LED-lit Barco OVL video wall. They opted for the upgrade. “In fact, the only thing that would remain from the old installation was the construction. All the projection systems were completely replaced, so basically they were getting a new wall with a warranty. That was a great argument in favor of the upgrade,” says Hristo Radonov.

“Barco’s reputation in the world of visualization systems further strengthened their belief that the LED-lit Barco wall was the way to go,” he adds. “On top of that, they knew that Ebrasco would lend excellent support. Unlike many of its competitors, Barco has a long-term local partner in Bulgaria to help customers on the spot.”

Lower total cost of ownership
The upgrade was done during the planned refurbishment of the news studio. It took no more than a few days. Nova TV was delighted with the minimal downtime, as it is with the new backdrop. Radonov: “Today, the LED-lit video wall ensures brilliant colors, high brightness and a very high level of redundancy. At the same time, the LEDs save them money. The total cost of ownership of the new wall is much lower.”