Envisioning a bolder, more dynamic show for its annual conference – complete with virtual set designs, blended immersive imagery and crystal clear IMAG – Wave Church staff researched numerous AV systems with the potential to elevate the production quality of its performances. Upon discovering the Barco XHD media servers, not only did they get all the functionality they wanted and more, they acquired it for a price that made sense.

“We’ve been impressed with Barco’s high-end brand for many years, and were surprised when we learned that we could afford such a superior quality product,” comments Steve Tignor, Live Production Manager for Wave Church.

Visual spectaculars made easy
Another key reason that Wave Church selected the Barco XHD media servers was their ease of use, enabling them to quickly create and modify the set pieces for each of the show segments.

The Barco XHD-400 media server delivers end-to-end show design, creation, setup and control, enabling AV producers to easily develop their show from idea to realization. It simplifies both 2D and 3D visualization for projection mapping, even offering the capability to simulate and preview the entire show before content is locked in.

Tasks like mapping with multiple layers, processing a dozen video outputs simultaneously through the three linked servers, masking and mapping live video, are a snap with the Barco XHD media servers. “We really love the user friendliness, the interface is easy to understand and the units were very simple to install, so we were up and running smoothly in no time,” continued Tignor.

The church also employed six Barco large venue projectors to create the visual canvas for the backdrops, side screens and slants, as well as the image magnification (IMAG) presentation of the performers.

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