In commemoration of the Morita Group’s 100th anniversary, the seminar, show and reception rooms of its Osaka headquarters was renovated and outfitted with ten Barco Eonis 24” black clinical displays. Being able to accurately display dental images in this setting promotes the smooth flow of mutual communication and effective education.


Founded in Kyoto, the Morita Group has supported oral healthcare around the globe as a leading manufacturer in the dental care industry. In 2016, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary by launching a commemorative campaign titled “A Century of Innovation – Today and Tomorrow”. Focusing on themes such as “Beyond Customer Satisfaction” and “Addressing and Valuing the Unseen”, the Morita Corporation renovated the seminar room and showroom of their building in Suita City, Osaka, which handles product sales for the group, further enhancing their contact point with customers.


The seminar room contains ten computer stations from which participants can experience Morita’s latest solutions at their own pace. To operate these computers, displays capable of reproducing high-quality images with excellent ergonomics were of the utmost importance.


Barco display solutions, approved by dentists throughout Japan


Used with Morita’s integrated image processing software “i-VIEW” in the seminar room, Barco 24-inch Eonis black displays are highly popular among Japanese dental professionals. DICOM Part 14 and various other medical standards suitable for displaying X-ray images are also supported, providing a level of performance and quality that distinguishes Eonis from conventional computer displays.


Barco, which has over 30 years of experience and holds the world’s largest market share in the field of displays for medical diagnostic imaging, developed Eonis 24” with a keen awareness of the needs of the dental industry. The display is able to faithfully reproduce images taken by dental X-ray imaging equipment to the tiniest detail.


Flexible installation allows for a perfect fit in the seminar room


The Eonis 24” features an IPS panel with a wide viewing angle, maintaining brightness and gradation even when viewed from the side. Additionally, the screen can be swiveled (horizontal angle adjustment), making it easy to share the screen with participants seated at the same table. The computer and displays are packed up and stored away when not in use and, thanks to its LED backlights, the Eonis 24” is thin and lightweight, minimizing any transportation burden placed on staff.


Barco ClickShare revolutionizes presentations


The ClickShare wireless presentation tool, designed by Barco to enhance the efficiency and productivity of meeting spaces, was introduced into the three rooms to be used for visitor reception starting with the 100th Anniversary Lecture Room, which was also renovated.


Screen sharing is enabled by simply connecting the computers brought by presenters using USB cables, eliminating the need for VGA or HDMI cable connections. This allows the smooth transition between presenters, streamlining seminar management and maximizing the use of time and space. Following this success, Barco looks forward to assisting the Morita Group in making even further leaps forward via cutting-edge video display equipment and network technology solutions.

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Barco solution

  • ClickShare presentation system
  • Barco 24-inch Eonis black displays

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality and wide viewing angle from Eonis
  • Ease of use from Clickshare