1 ago 2014

Food, glorious food! Enjoy your holiday dinner, with Barco


Remember how we explained that Barco is ‘everywhere’ during your holidays? You’ll find us on the road to your holiday destination, in your hotel and … even while you’re enjoying a culinary delight!


For those of you on holidays in Ibiza or Madrid, who are looking for a really unique holiday dinner: do try the Paco Roncero experience, featuring Barco projectors. Rather have a quick meal? You’ll meet Barco at Flunch Europe, a chain with 200 restaurants in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Russia. 


The Paco Roncero food experience
The world-renowned Spanish chef Paco Roncero – a 2-Michelin star holder – owns a restaurant in the center of Madrid, where in June 2012 he launched Paco Roncero Taller. The concept: combine culinary art with technological innovation to stir all five senses. Using projections and sounds as well as tastes and smells, Roncero creates an unprecedented culinary experience at his Taller.

More recently, the concept was copied in SubliMotion, the exclusive restaurant of the brand-new Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Barco projectors help create exciting images on the Roncero table. This is something you really must see: read the story and watch the video to get an idea … or travel to Madrid or Ibiza to feel the real thing!


Flunch Restaurants Europe
Flunch Restaurants, for its part, came knocking on Barco’s door when it was looking for a digital signage solution to streamline communications with customers. Barco company dZine and Manganelli Group installed display units in the restaurants that broadcast a mix of product pictures, practical information and entertainment. Read the story of Flunch Restaurants … and how Barco dZine won a DailyDOOH award for its unique project approach.


If you have the chance to indulge in the Paco Roncero or Flunch food experiences: please tell us your story. And, of course, you are most welcome to let us know if you meet us during one of your holiday activities … Keep an eye on our summer news. We’ll be back next Friday, with another holiday-related Barco story!