17 set 2020

3 ways weConnect enhances learning outcomes in online teaching and training

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How can you get a more natural and effective experience in hybrid virtual classrooms? Well, what has now become evident is the need to focus on the three essentials to improve learning outcomes:

  • engagement
  • interaction between instructor and learner
  • learner analytics

Barco’s weConnect is a subscription-based software solution specifically designed with these things in mind to maximize your learning outcomes. It is used by business schools, L&D departments, and universities to enable a more natural, productive and differentiating learning environment, for both instructors and learners.

Check this new video to see what weConnect can do for you and how easy it is to implement.


Flexibility is key, as weConnect adjusts to different pedagogical needs and environments. 

  • In the interactive classroom, a traditional set-up with one teacher screen, instructors can call on a dedicated set of interactive tools: chat, silent questions, whiteboarding, and content-sharing capabilities for instructors and students on-site.
  • In the collaborative classroom, weConnect allows smaller groups of learners to discuss and interact amongst themselves, work together on the same dedicated group screen, and review all the results with the whole attendance on the main teacher/trainer screen.
  • In the virtual classroom, the instructor engages with remote students connecting from anywhere in real-time.
  • In the hybrid virtual classroom, both on-site and remote students are connected in the same classroom experience as if they were all in the same room.

Whatever way it is used, instructors and learners note high levels of engagement & retention and enhanced learning outcomes. This ensures that the learning is not only satisfying and productive, it helps meet long-term goals as well.

See what a difference weConnect makes
  • Close to the in-class experience
  • Engaging & interactive
  • See how EdTech is shaping education
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