8 mar 2021

Tellemachus impressed by the power of Barco OpSpace

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UK-headquartered Tellemachus is a systems integrator with a focus on the UK government and corporate sectors. They mainly operate across IT (cybersecurity), communications (solutions to provide connectivity between places), and electronic security (securing physical assets). A Barco partner for several years, Tellemachus recently deployed a large and critical project that featured OpSpace, Barco’s operator workspace solution. Peter Wood, Managing Director of Tellemachus, was extremely impressed by the solution and wanted to talk about the experience.

You have deployed your first major OpSpace project. Are you new to Barco?

Tellemachus has been working with Barco for more than 3 years now. We are mainly active in the public and corporate sectors, which typically deals with rather large permission cycles. For big projects, it takes a long time before a final ‘Go!’ is issued. That is why it may seem as if we are quite late to adopt the technology, but in fact we have been enthusiastic about it from the start.

What makes OpSpace so interesting for customers?

OpSpace solves a massive issue, by bringing all information onto one machine. This interlinking of different closed networks in a secure way is unique, and we are the only ones who can do this in a convenient, user-friendly and proven way. Many instances in the UK government have this need, but before OpSpace no solution has ever been certified to accomplish it. The police forces, for example, operate on disparate networks. OpSpace gives them the opportunity to break the silos and centralise information. In the past, there were KVM over IP products available, but these can’t guarantee the total network separation. Several workarounds have been tried, but none could guarantee the stability and security we can with OpSpace. All this data, from many locations, can then be distributed and displayed in different remote locations. This opens a wealth of new opportunities.

Is there a great need in the market for OpSpace?

Over the years, we have repeatedly received the question for interlinking different closed or secure networks – which are quite common in the sectors we are active in. Now we can go back to these customers and propose OpSpace, which solves their issues in an elegant and secure way. We are the first company ever to have a certified solution we can offer to the UK government – which is really unique. The fact that we have deployed the solution in a very critical environment, will undoubtedly open new opportunities.

At Barco we value Tellemachus as a partner. They bring extensive expertise in networking that compliments our solutions, and have the capability to bring everything together. In this way, Tellemachus delivers complex projects successfully with ease, offering end users great outcomes. But what exactly makes Barco a good partner for Tellemachus?

Barco has a very good reputation in closed markets. They have both very good solutions that are tailored to these markets, and the needed knowledge and expertise to support even the most challenging integrations. Every interaction is professional and we are proud of the projects we have deployed together.


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