Jul 20, 2021

10 reasons to choose Barco LED

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Barco is a true pioneer in LED visualization and has brought you some of the most iconic installations the world has ever seen. Our current portfolio of indoor LED displays builds on this rich history and brings stunning images to many different indoor environments, including corporate lobbies, control rooms, television studios, and experience centers (amongst others). Here are 10 reasons why our LED solutions are beyond compare.

1. Outstanding viewing experience with exceptional image details and without any seams    
  2. Guaranteed color consistency on the complete brightness range
3. Lowest latency and perfect video sync, even when using very high resolutions  
  4. Full dynamic range on all brightness levels, no loss of details when dimming, thanks to Barco's Infinipix® image processing
5. Designed to match all standard resolutions  

  6. Integrated monitoring and diagnostic capabilities
7. Maximized uptime and uninterrupted performances  

  8. Hassle-free installation with a minimal risk for pixel damage
9. Efficient maintenance and stress-free front and back serviceability  

  10. 7 years guaranteed display uniformity with EssentialCare contract



Intrigued? Then discover more about Barco and LED!

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